Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sprinkle of pixie dust

"Where do you live?"
"Second to the right and straight on till morning."

 Living in New York without being involved in the show biz is like going to a buffet and only picking the veggies to eat. Not only are there numerous heart gripping Broadway shows taking you back to the century, into the fairytales or stating the reality, connecting your heart and somehow make you shed a tear without you understanding how it happened, there are also many professionals opportunities for you to get involved in with the stars and set your foot in the industry.

  Luckily, i did my video audition back when i was still in my hometown in December and got my news update 1.5 months later that i was accepted in a top musical theatre camp/organization in the city. The second i received the news i think i lost my emotion and did not know how to scream. It was too much.

   I'm not going to focus on all the details about the camp which i studied from the Tony Award winners , NYC's performers, casting directors or coaches. I'm going to share a special encounter with you. Let's begin, shall we? (bows dramatically and drags you behind the curtain)

    It was Day 2 of the camp. In our intensive schedule to prepare for the individual final showcase, we were given multiple classes from the professionals in different areas. One of them i had on the day was a dance lesson with Jacob. He is a dancer features in Peter Pan Live! on NBC as well as some stage credits in NY which i can't recall at the moment. We first studied a short dance routine from him, illustrating the story of Peter landing on the island with our body movements. After that, we were a given an except of the Peter Pan script to work on in pairs. I was given the role of Peter and i had to find my Wendy to complete the scene. Well, there were like the mum, Peter and Wendy, a total of three characters for us to play so there were like 3-4 Peter and 3-4 Wendy. As we were sitting in a horizontal line in front of the mirror, my first instinct was to look around me to see who's got the Wendy role.  In no time, i made a mutual agreement with a girl to play the scene together.

    Cierra, was the girl's name. She has blue eyes and straight blonde hair long enough to reach just below her shoulders. To be honest, she looked so much like a Wendy. We ran though our script together and she sewn back my shadow. We made a quick bond with each other before we realized it. After several practices, we played our scene to the class and got our lovely feedback.

  The class ended in no time.  And it was one of our favorite moment next, Lunch! We have catered lunch in a buffet style including sandwiches, salads, cookies, fruits and lemonades just around the corridor. As usual, we hurried to our bags, got changed and get ready for lunch. Did i mention the faster you get to the table, the more food choices you are about to have as we are food bugs. While I was changing and packing, Cierra walked next to me, 'Are you going to get lunch?"  "Yes." "Cool, I'll see you there.' said she as she turned and walked away with a smile. Just seconds later, She turned back and said, 'actually, i will wait for you.'

    There you have it, i was so happy she said something so sweet and would actually like to wait for me. It was the time i felt like i have found a friend who would like to be around me in this camp. And there as i finished packing, I swear we were heading towards Neverland.

    If we all show a little love and care to each other, we don't need any pixie dust to fly to be happy.

Until next time xx

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