Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How we see the world

 It has been such a long time for a post to emerge on this blog. Just like the long-awaiting anticipation for spring to finally crawl her feet into winter, when signs of leaves start to emerge from their bulbs, showing their little green heads on barren trees, when flowers begin to blossom in the cold, bringing in colors of hope and enlightenment. Spring to me has never been that exciting until now, specially when it can bring a little more energy and life to a white washed winter wonderland. I have been waiting for spring, that color, that energy since forever like you may have waited for this blogpost. or not...
   Speaking about the anticipation of spring, allow me to insert a little story here. I still remember how during a walk with a classmate to the mailroom after the acting class, we had to cross a parking lot area where the trees were still barren and only a few branches had signs of green bulbs. He was speaking something about spring break and said, "Everybody's going away, it's so dead here".Part of me understand what he means as it is the most isolated area yet you can call it a paradise in other way and everyone's dying to get away to have some fun. But i had to stand a different viewpoint from what he had said, simply because life is so much more than what you see, the trees, which little pieces of green leaves had been growing from the trees and every grass and every creatures running across the field has a life. Spring is coming, it's emerging, it has a life. Here i have to quote the lyrics from a song - colors of the wind:

   The earth is just a dead thing you can claim
   But i know every rock and tree and creature
   has a life , has a spirit , has a name 

  The point is, i have never truly loved spring until the spring in New York. Spring is so special here. with its huge contrast to winter and most importantly, my favorite part, every corner, every street is filled with flowers of different kind, tulips of different color, one of my favorites, daffodils, purple pansies... the city has never failed to amaze me how beautiful spring is, sometimes all you need is to stroll down the sidewalk and feel how much this city has offered you about the beauty of spring.

   One of the amazing flowers in spring has to be cherry blossoms. I have never seen so many pink flowers growing on a tree, let alone a line of them. Ah.. dont you love spring like that? From all white and barren to the color of the rainbow. Nature is such a beauty.

   So one day i decided to take a trip to downtown Manhattan, or you may call it the financial area where lies the Brooklyn bridge, the memorial, wall street etc.

    That sounded quite irrelevant but since the city basically plant everything in everywhere, of course cherry blossoms can also be seen in downtown as well.

    The day was bright and clear, Clear blue sky with some patches of clouds as soft as marshmallows filled the sky as quite and serene just like the mobile toys hanging above a baby's crib. When i was strolling around the financial area, not only was i able to see the skyscrapers, monuments but also all the flowers! I'm that kind of person who would spend 20 minutes to stay in the area of where it has planted flowers. Because tulips. my love.

 Moving on my trip, i stopped my pace in a small park, probably it was the city hall park, surrounded by some beautiful monuments,statues and pink cherry blossoms! It was so beautiful i had to linger around to take pictures for the next 30 minutes. During my shots, a lady with her sunglasses walked towards me and said, "can you help us to take some pictures? you look like you know what you are doing" Having heard that, i was more than pleased to help them because a) why not and b) someone is appreciating my photography skill. even just from the look of it. So after i took a few shots of them i asked if they liked them, they said yes and very unusually it was me who said thank you the first as i felt like oh my god you liked my photography (Even though she probably doesnt mean like that) She might not have seen it that way but me knowing her like the photos made me happy and i said it was also to thank her for believing me that i knew what i was doing with my camera. Plus the fact she did not go around to ask somebody to take the pictures for them again also made me content.


  Pictures are a way to show how you see the world, sometimes i want my photos to be taken like a certain way and i asked people to help and the result was different, to be honest, i was quite frustrated. Knowing not everyone would be interested in the art of photography, but rather just capturing people standing in front of something, it's okay. But sometimes i just wish more people would see every picture every frame as a form of art, not just a statement of who has been to where. And sometimes include a little bit of grass and flower in the frame because they also have a life. Appreciate every tree and every creature. And sometimes just communicate more to people around you, because if pictures cant speak for you, speak with others, appreciate what they are doing, even you don't really mean it, it can make a person's day. Because it did to me.



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