Sunday, September 4, 2016

Capturing Real Life Stories

  It has been a while since a new post is seen on here, almost like a delay never got noticed. Just like the train i used to hop on to the city got a new schedule on the weekend due to a renovation of a bridge. By the time our train arrived at the change station, when all passengers decided to walk over to the other train, that train was gone. So about thirty people were just lost there on the platform, got nothing to do, and surprisingly no one was complaining and just sat there to wait for the next train... only in an hour... But at least the train finally came. Like this post.

  Train rides to the city has always been an exciting one. Although it takes two freaking long hours, the excitement and anticipation back to the city is always something new, something i look forward to. Either just to sleep on, watch the clouds and houses go by or observe other passengers near me. And when the silhouette and skyline of Manhattan finally came to sight, i knew i was more than ready and instantly energized about what might happen next.

  But what about train rides back to Long Island? Usually it's me with my go-to-dinner or i'll just sleep through it as it usually gets dark and it's so cozy just to sit back and relax and let the train bring me back to my bed. Well not bed, but close.

   The train has two sides between an aisle, on the left side locates two seats and the right has three. One night after my visit to the city,i hopped on a crowded train and found myself a seat on the right. Usually people don't sit in the middle if there's just one person on the aisle, as there was a guy, probably 18 or 19 sitting on the very right of the three seated seats, i settled on the very left.

   As the train left the station, stepping its feet into the dark tunnel, i brought my camera out and started reviewing the photos i took of the day. After reviewing the photos for like 10 minutes, i placed it back to my bag. Few moments afterwards, the guy sitting on my right near the window asked, "Are you a photographer?" I looked to his direction and shook my head as i smiled No. "You seem professional." He added. So I told him i was just casually taking pictures as i like taking pictures.

  I think he then told me his name which i forgot... and i told him mine too. And i don't know how but we began chatting with each other. It was so nice to have someone to chat with during the train ride as it was such a quiet moment and you get to know about another person's story in this complete random situation. I mean it would not be random, for we are going to sit on the same place for quite some time. Usually people just smile at me but never really engage me in a full  conversation in the train ride. So i was interested in the conversation he held.

   What i learned about him was that he didn't used to live in New York but some small town in another state and was only here for a job, been here a few weeks i guess. We talked about places and attractions he needed to visit in the town as he told me it was his first time visiting the city. I told him all the places he needed to go and showed him my map in my bag. he moved to sit in the middle as we talked and we learned a little about each other  during the short time.

    Having conversations always make time goes faster. When it was his time to get off, and after that we never saw each other again nor had any contacts. Sometimes i wished i had asked for his contact not because of anything, but just to know one more person's life story.

     Taking pictures surely tells a story, but what if we can hear a real, vivid story from a person? Isn't it as interesting?

  Have you ever sparked a conversation with a total stranger? If you haven't,  you should totally try. Either just say hi or smile back, just because human connection is such an important thing in our lives and who knows we may make someone's day.

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